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No need to travel anymore to provide your festival ice cubes. Freezy Fest offers you a turnkey solution!
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Freezy Fest is a French company specialized in the supply of ice cubes for festivals. Our various offers allow you to adapt the quantities of ice cubes you want in the best way. From our experience, we know that it is very complicated to have large quantities of ice cubes for your bars and restaurants for the whole duration of your festival... We have therefore developed a way to bring our machines and our distributors on site, portable for every festival in Europe.

About Freezy Fest

Quality services

At Freezy Fest, we are committed to provide quality services to each of our customers. We pride ourselves on our expertise in supplying festival ice cubes and we work hard to ensure that every event is a success. We are devoted to provide top quality products, personalized services at the most competitive prices.

The cheapest Ice on the market !

Our Engagements

A daily supply for your different needs.

A complete offer for: your stands and your festival-goers.

A team allocated for setting up the machines for EACH festival!

And let's not forget

Environmental commitment

At Freezy Fest, we care about the environment. This is why we have implemented measures to minimize our environmental impact. We use energy-efficient machines that consume few electricity and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We use 100% biodegradable bags with which festival-goers can supply themselves with ice cubes. We are determined to protect the environment for generations to come.

Ice cubes also for your festival-goers!

Freezy Fest also provides vending machines for your festival-goers designed for the sale of ice cubes for camping sites or others.

Refresh your festival with Freezy Fest

"A drink in a festival is nice, a cold drink... it's better!"

Our Offers

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